The CCRMN is one of the analytic platforms available at Lyon1 university, CPE Lyon and the Lyon Chemistry Institute. It is open to all university staff as well as the industrial scientific community of the Lyon area

The CCRMN provides NMR analyses in solution to roughly 50 research teams (400 researchers) and 15 small or big companies 24h a day and 365days a year. Thanks to its 4 spectrometers, qualified staff and regular upgrade of its equipment, the CCRMN can handle a wide range of analyses within short delays with great flexibility, even in rush periods. There are many services available to the user, from routine spectroscopy and experiments on demand, to specialist-assisted studies and collaborations.

You will find on this website the technical data relating to our equipment, the department organization, the different ways of contacting us and some advice to register or interpret your spectra.

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