● structure determination of pure chemicals : homo and hetero 2D/ selective 1D correlations on a wide range of nuclei.
● quantitative analysis of mixtures, enantiomeric excess determination
● mixture analysis by diffusion method (DOSY)
● purity determination up to 10ppm.
● studies on intermolecular interactions or supramolecular clusters
● analysis on micro quantities of chemicals
● in situ reaction monitoring
● NMR analysis on samples containing non-deuterated solvent
● variable temperature conformational studies

Access mode :

Self-service NMR :
Make an appointment with a CCRMN staff member to pass the NMR accreditation that allows to use one of the 300 MHz spectrometers in complete autonomy.

On demand analysis :
Fill in an online request analysis form , put your tube on the appropriate table and we will do the spectra for you.

Assisted analysis :
You carry out the analysis with more or less significant assistance from CCRMN staff depending on your experience and level of training (400 and 500MHz).

Collaborations :
For complex studies requiring a particular investment of personnel, for experimental development and/or bibliographic research. In this case the operator is co-author of the resulting publications and the laboratory benefits from a reduction of 70% on the analyzes which have given a result.