For all CCRMN spectrometers :

- An accreditation is mandatory for all spectrometers:

- No space or + in file names
- The calibration of the spinners on the samples must be done carefully , and the tube must not float in the spinner (risk of a de-calibration).

For AV300 routine experiments

- It is forbidden to borrow the spinners from the AVL300 sample changer to run your samples on the self-service Av300.
- Put the spectrometer back into automatic mode before disconnecting
- Put the fictional spinner in the spectrometer if there is nobody after you.

For continuous sample changer

- Do not use broken, too short, or thickly parafilmed tubes, or Young tubes that may not be properly picked up by the sample changer clamp.
- Respect the color code of the caps by laboratory.
- Do not use the spinners of other laboratories, leave them on the sample changer with their tube. Just ask us if you need one.