Softwares available @ CCRMN

A free-acces computer is at your disposal in the NMR room, with several specialized software for spectra interpretation, and simulation, that you might have in your lab because the licences are very expensive. Feel free to come and use them, or to ask us if you need any help !

  • ACD Lab to simulate spectra and coupling constants, video tutorial here, and a light tutorial is available here : ACDLabs
  • Mnova, (MNova_light) recommended for kinetic studies of reactions, multiplet analysis and DOSY processing. We have also acquired the “prediction” module which allows us to simulate the spectra from the developed formula, as well as the structure elucidation module which does the opposite: from the 1D and 2D spectra, and from the raw formula, it offers you compatible developed formulas. Tutorials are available on the MEstrelab YouTube channel.
  • To deconvolute overlapping peaks, we recommend DMFIT which you can download here, and notice_DMFIT_francais (english version coming).
  • The “historic” software, Topspin, which Bruker makes available free of charge to university laboratories in exchange if you give your academic email address. Click here for downloading, and Topspin-light. It only opens spectra from a Bruker spectrometers.
  • Last but not least, Jason, developed by Jeol, and which opens all the spectra regardless of the spectrometer supplier. Academic licenses cost 20 euros per year and you can have a free demo version for 45 days. There are demo videos and numerous blog posts on their website, as well as the download link.